Wednesday, September 3, 2008


While we were in Denver hanging out with Boyz II Men, Hillary and Obama, Lucas was with my parents in Pennsylvania. My mom's a teacher and although they just started back to school this week, she had to go in for a few meetings last week. My aunt (and her twin sister) who we all call Mikie was more than happy to hang out with Lucas during those times (and as much as possible throughout the week!). Here's a cute story that she sent to me via e-mail.

(Note: Lucas calls my aunt and uncle Great Mikie and Great Dave. Before he was born they decided they'd be known as "The Greats" which I think is so cute!)

We had a great time with Lucas. What an angel. He is so damn charming. One day I was putting him down for his nap (with no problem at all...he only said "I not tired a few times.")

He had two little match box cars with him that he wanted to take to bed and I was concerned there were "chokey parts" on them. I asked him if he is allowed to take them to bed.

He said, "Well, mama says no but grammy says yes." I put them in his crib and then we read a book on the big bed and when I put him in the crib I discreetly put the cars in my pocket.

He lay in his crib and said, "Great Mikie, I think I hear my cars in your pocket." (I heard them too. The wheels clashed as they went into my pocket.) He said it so matter of factly, no anger, just a statement.

So of course I was "busted" and said, "Yes they are in my pocket" and that I thought it was best to leave them there.

He said, "No I think they should be in my crib."

So I gave them to him and told him not to put them in his mouth.

He said, "I won't do that" with that look as if I was saying something truly ridiculous.

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  1. he's so cute it breaks my heart. seriously. And, the FUNNIEST part of this story is that "but grammy says yes" part is a little LIE Lucas was telling. :)


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