Friday, September 26, 2008

Just call me Dr. Pike

Have you heard about the Sarah Palin Name Generator? Bloggers everywhere are sharing their new names, if they had been named by Sarah Palin, that is. Mine is Jeep Pike Palin. I think I'll go by "Pike".

If only I was more tech savvy (my lack of HTML knowledge is evidenced by the fact that this blog is a completely unmodified blogger template!) I would create the Sarah Palin Promotion Generator. Here's how it would work:

Two categories--what you can see out of your home or office window and your current or past jobs--would determine the major promotion you deserve and for which you are fully qualified.

For example, Jodifur thinks she should be named Attorney General because she's a lawyer. (I say why stop there, how about Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?).

Here are some other jobs I could fill with just my immediate family:

My sister, a teacher: Secretary of Education
My dad, superintendent of recreation for my home town: Secretary of the Interior
My brother-in-law, a Marine who is currently serving in Iraq: Secretary of Defense

I can see both a hospital and the dome of the Capitol Building from windows in my office. Thus, I should be fully qualified to be a doctor or Speaker of the House.

What do you see from your window? Or, what major governmental office are you ready to hold based on your current or former jobs?


  1. Great post! I can see the White House from my office window so therefore I can be a former cocaine user and an embarrassment to myself, my country and the world.

    Jill P.(former Republican)

  2. HaHaHa! I had a good laugh over Mike being named Secretary of defense. As for me being secretary of Education? that just makes sense. :)


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