Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I can't think of a better way to have begun my 33rd year than my two favorite boys singing "Happy Birthday Mama Lou!" to me this morning. I certainly don't mind getting older, but I have to say that 32 sounds quite old to me. In my head I'm only 28. I mean, by 32 a person is a real, true grown-up, aren't they? Even though I have all the trappings of being a grown up--a husband, a mortgage, a 3 year old son--and I drive a mini van for goodness sakes--I certainly don't feel like one.

My skin however, does feel like an old lady. It is definitely starting to show signs of my age. I've noticed recently that it just isn't as smooth and supple as it always was. In fact, parts of my face are flat out rough. And I'm growing chin hairs. Seriously. I know you can't see them with the naked eye (I've had Abel look) but I can feel them. When I run my fingers across my chin there are often 2-3 course hairs. Obviously I pluck them immediately. But, still. Chin hairs. Ugh.

Let's not focus on that however. Let's focus on my birthday present: an adorable 10" laptop! Just what I've been dreaming of. The perfect portable device to support my internet addiction. It should be arriving via amazon today. I happen to know this because Abel used my amazon account to order it (and therefore I got the confirmation e-mail) and also because he told me on Monday.

So here's to birthday cake for breakfast (yes, the second best way to begin your birthday!), birthday kisses from two adorable boys, and lovely little laptops!

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  1. Happy 33rd birthday! Oh, I know what you mean about showing the signs of age but let's not dwell on that. Enjoy your day and your super cute birthday present!

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend! What an awesome gift! And I hear you on the chin hairs. I've sprouted a couple in the last year or so and I'm always so horrified when I pluck them. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Enjoy your birthday!

  3. that's the same brand as mine! Now if only we had wireless internet at the beach house we could sit next to each other and type away on our twin computers. :)

  4. Happy Bday- mine's tomorrow !!
    our bdays are 3 days apart and I believe our boys bdays are 3 days apart too...

    wait a minute- I think we discussed this... :)

    Happy Bday again :)

  5. happy bday! sooo jealous about the laptop, but MORE so about the 33.. :)


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