Friday, June 26, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: VistaPrint

Before Christmas, Jessica of A Parent in Silver Spring wrote a review of photo Christmas cards and mentioned a company named VistaPrint. She mentioned all the great items you can get through them for the cost of shipping and I immediately clicked over to their site. I didn't get my Christmas cards there, but did order some great items to use as Christmas gifts. Since then I've ordered glossy postcards and business cards for a community organization I'm co-chair of and personal business cards for myself. The deals are amazing! That's why I'm featuring VistaPrint as my Favorite Things Friday today.

To illustrate just how great these deals are, here's a quick overview of my orders to date:

Personalized pad of sticky notes, personalized notepad, personalized wall calendar, personalized note cards and personalized return address stamp: $7.19

250 glossy business cards, 10 personalized note cards: $7.15

100 glossy, personalized postcards: $6.49

250 personalized business cards: $5.45

For my own personal business cards I included only my name, home phone, cell phone and e-mail. They are the perfect "mommy calling card" to give out at the park and yet are also professional enough to hand out at the many community and political events I attend.

Here are my tips:

  • Once you get to the website simply click on any of the "free" items to see the deals.
  • The more free items you purchase the higher your shipping will be, but it only seems to increase incrementally so order away!
  • When you place an order be sure to say "NO" to the many, many offers they suggest as you head toward the check out. Even the free ones!! It's a tad bit annoying but totally worth it for inexpensive, quality personalized products.
  • Unless you are in a real time crunch, go ahead and choose the slowest shipping method. I've never had an order take more than 2 weeks to arrive (and most have arrived in only 1 week) no matter what they say.
  • Once you create an account, they will send you regular e-mails with all the free deals. It does get a bit addictive!
Happy printing!

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  1. NO JOKE, I was seriously looking for a place to order these things and you featured a great spot TODAY!!

    Wooo-hoo! No research for me, thanks to you, my friend!!

  2. Vista Print is great place for buying personalized printing stuff like business cards, invitation cards etc.

  3. Glad to help and love love your calling cards!

  4. It is a great time to start preparing for Christmas! I always prefer Vista Print to order print supplies!


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