Monday, June 8, 2009


I realize I am getting precariously close to a situation of "she doth protest too much" but although I really don't mind getting older, I, nonetheless, would like to clarify that I turned 32 last week, not 33. Wednesday was the start of my 33rd year and at the end of my 33rd year of life--on June 3, 2010--I will turn 33. Just like you begin your first year of life the day you are born but end your first year of life by turning one.


After reading the horrible review The Washington Post gave Founding Farmers restaurant, Abel and I really should have changed the reservation for my birthday lunch on Thursday. But, we'd both been there before and had enjoyed it. After our meal, however, I will repeat: we really should have changed the reservation. It was very, very meh. At least the company was great.


Lucas is going to do a little one week, one hour a day soccer camp in two weeks. We bought him socks with shin guards in them yesterday afternoon. He put them on before bed last night is still wearing them. Something tells me he is going to be wearing them for most of the summer. It is freaking adorable.


Let's say you wanted to cook a few chicken breasts for the sole purpose of using them to make chicken salad. How would you cook them?


Sorry for a lack of Favorite Things Friday this past week. I promise it will be back this week!

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  1. What? Founding Farmers was not so good?? But we liked it so much when we went in January! That's too bad.

    Regarding the chicken, I would probably boil the breasts (I'd even drop them into the pot frozen) and then dice the chicken for the salad.

  2. I can't get over the shin guards thing. can that kid possibly get any cuter???

    If I were you, I would buy one of those pre-cooked chickens to make chicken salad with. But, I suppose that's the lazy way out and you're not lazy.

    and.. Your age thing totally confused me. Now I'm wondering if you're 32 or 33 even though I really think you're 32. :)


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