Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Cibu Shampoo

Once upon a time, I had incredibly thick hair and lots of it. Then, sometime in the past ten years my thick hair turned into thin hair. I still have lots of hair (as every stylist I've ever been to points out!) but it is rather thin. Well, actually I guess the accurate description is fine. I now have fine hair, a fact that I can not really come to grips with. And so I have several tricks up my sleeve to mask my fine hair. Chief among them is using Shang High shampoo and conditioner by Cibu.

I'm featuring this shampoo as my Favorite Things Friday today because it totally rocks! I can truly feel the difference if I try to use another shampoo, even a volumizing one, instead of Shang High: my hair ends up flat and limp. Shang High (combined with mousse and hairspray) keeps my hair looking full and thick.

(Oh, and it is often on sale at my salon in the bulk size shampoo and conditioner for $20 which is much, much cheaper than buying the small bottle shown at left!)

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  1. bring it to the beach and let me try it. I might invest in it since I am the queen of fine hair.


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