Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime fun

Saturday was chock full of parties for us. We began the day at our community market, chatting with friends, picking up our CSA share and stocking up on lots of goodies. After lunch and naps we walked over to a really lovely birthday party. I smugly noted that Lucas went for the bead necklaces instead of the candy after Abel cracked open the pinata. (This was, of course, after each kid had many, many chances do to the honors. It cracks me up that the actual pinata breaking always seems to fall to a dad!)

After a quick stop at home for dinner and a clothing change for Lucas (he was filthy!) we headed off to the most lovely summer party: an ice cream potluck. I'll tell you, this idea is ingenious. The hosts provided their lovely yard (front and back), including a swing set, sand box and moon bounce for the kiddos. They put up several long tables in their driveway and provided lots of water, bowls and spoons. Guests were told to bring their favorite ice cream flavor or topping. It was easy and delicious. We stayed until the moon bounce was deflated and put away, at which point I looked over to notice Lucas with a bowl of sprinkles and a spoon. He only took--I think!--about two bites. But those were two bites of pure sugar in sprinkle form. So much for my smug attitude about his non-candy choices after the pinata earlier in the day!

We all came home exhausted but grateful, once again, for living in such a lovely town with such lovely neighbors.

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  1. I love the idea of an ice cream potluck !!!!!!

  2. that sounds awesome! the only thing I'm slightly confused about is how did they keep the ice cream cold?


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