Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lucas's Big Boy Room

I'm having a lot of fun thinking of decor ideas for Lucas's new big boy room. We've already started emptying the guest room and I can not wait to redecorate it. When we moved in, we went crazy with color. Can you blame us? We'd each lived in sterile dorm rooms and apartments for years and years and were ready to put color on our walls. I still love our orange living room and yellow dining room but have come to despise our bright blue guest room.

We kept our apartment for an extra week after we closed on the house so we could paint with the house empty. We got a ton done but when we got to the guestroom we realized--as we were painting--that the previous owners had painted over wallpaper! We didn't have time to strip it so went ahead and painted thinking we'd strip it eventually. Well, now is the time!

As soon as the three pallets of stone in our front yard (that's a post for another day!) are built into a wall in our back yard, Abel's top priority is to strip and paint the guestroom. I want to have it ready for Lucas with enough time left for me to redecorate the nursery. (Currently the nursery is Ohio State Buckeye themed. Abel has been warned that the next nursery will be much more girly/babyish even if it is a boy!!)

In the meantime, I'm having a lot of fun dreaming about Lucas's big boy room. I want it to be something he enjoys now but will continue to like well into--and dare I dream, beyond?--elementary school. I have a color scheme of navy blue, light blue and green in mind with neutral cream or very light tan walls.

Here are some things I'm loving today....

Circo Boy Color Block Quilt and striped sheets from Target

Awesome license plate display by Lindsay's friend and guest blogger Nicole over at The Pleated Poppy (I've already started collecting old license plates but if you have any you want to send my way, just comment or drop me an e-mail! I'd be happy to pay for shipping.)

Canvas map of the US via Pottery Barn Kids; at $99 this would be a big splurge but I've looked everywhere for something similar that I like as much as this and nothing compares.

What do you think? Does this look like a room a boy (and his mama!) could live with for the next 5-7 years?

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  1. that reminds me! I need to go searching for my old license plates! And I think both you and Lucas will love that room for MANY years to come.

  2. LOVE your ideas! I especially like the map and your color scheme. Have fun! Abel gets to strip wall paper and paint, and you get to do the fun stuff!


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