Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Tour of Nathaniel's Nursery

It wasn't finalized until after he was born, and he'll be sleeping in our room for at least a few more weeks, but I am just thrilled with how Nathaniel's nursery turned out! Please join me on a little tour (and I mean little--this is a tiny room!)....

We painted the walls and trim the same colors as Lucas's new room. The brown roman shades match his as well. The color schemes are also complimentary: navy, light blue and tan in Lucas's room and light blue, brown, green and navy in Nathaniel's room. Someday they will most likely share Lucas's room so, in theory, we will be able to merge their items seamlessly.

As soon as you walk in the door, you face the beautiful children's book print by Jane Mount that I became obsessed with this fall. I purchased this print at 20x200 but she also has an Etsy shop. I'm a new, huge fan of Hobby Lobby, where I got the mat and frame for about $40 total, yet it looks like it was professionally framed! The quilt is the beauty my mom made. Every time I look at it I fall more and more in love with the material I chose, especially the bunny toile and the nursery rhyme toile. She also found some cute sheets and a crib skirt at Target that compliment the quilt material!

Just to the right of the window next to the crib is the changing table with navy cloth bins to hold the cloth diapers and assorted diapering things. The square plaque on the left has all of Nathaniel's birth statistics and was a gift from my sister.

Here's a close-up of the wall decor: flashcards from Children Inspire Design on Etsy which I hung on twine with miniature navy clothespins. Aren't they adorable? In this photo you can also see a sample of the changing pad covers and burp cloths my mom made with scraps from the quilt. (Isn't she talented?!)

And, just because I so totally adore those flashcards, here's another close-up. You can order them in several languages. Obviously, I chose Spanish! When Lucas's changing table was in this same spot we had a huge poster of an ESPN cover with an Ohio State football player on it. Now, he was certainly pretty buff, BUT, ugh! I got so sick of looking at his dripping-with-sweat body! These flashcards, however, are such a joy to look at. Every time I change a diaper (which I do a lot more often since we're using cloth this time around) I debate which flashcard is my favorite. In a testament to just how lovely each one is, I change my mind every time I'm standing at the table! I also like that reading the flashcards gives me something so say out loud to Nathaniel without feeling too silly. (I wonder if other moms of newborns also feel silly talking out loud to their not-yet-responsive babies? I know it is important, but it really just feels like you're talking to yourself all day long!)

Continuing around the room, in between the closet and entry door we have Nathaniel's dresser (Abel found this on the street years ago and refinished it!) and his clothes shelf (which Abel built from scratch!). Lacking a closet on our first floor (darn older home!) we use this room's closet for our winter coats and other storage. Abel brainstormed this great shelf before Lucas was born--it is so nice to have all the baby's clothes in easy sight and reach! On top of the shelf, I have some framed baby pictures of Abel and me--they really need another home, though, as you can barely see them way up there.

And that concludes our tour of Nathaniel's nursery...come again soon!

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  1. It turned out so well. I really do love it!

  2. I love it!!! I love the clothes shelf - so clever and looks great, baby clothes are so cute!

  3. I love Nathaniel's nursery especially the shelf that Abel built and the darling Spanish flashcards. What a good idea to hang them on twine using mini clothespins!

  4. Nice nursery but you really need to move those pictures of you and your husband somewhere else...

  5. i think the stuffed bear in the crib makes the room


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