Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just blame it on Sarah

Have you heard about this flu that is going around? It sounds horrible--lasting a week or more. The flu shot is only about 30% effective against it. I'm terrified of getting it.

So when I heard my sister in San Diego had it, I was a little leery of calling her. I was afraid she'd transmit her germs through the phone. Silly me. That's not possible. So I called her to check in.

Big Mistake.

That was Tuesday night. Wednesday night I was exhausted. Suddenly freezing. Oh, the chills. The layers couldn't keep me warm. Then the heat, the sweating, then more chills.

Yup. A fever.

I woke up this morning feeling better. Except for horribly painful lymph nodes under my left arm. Seriously they are like hard lumps and are so sore. Obviously I've looked this up on WebMD and you it looks like I have anything from a virus to AIDS to a tumor. Given the fever last night and my generally good health, I'm going with option #1 and will expect to be feeling better by tomorrow.

But, Sarah, just know that I'm blaming all of this on you!!!


  1. Two things..
    1. Dad says... NO more pocket knives for Aimee.
    2. I am sad to say that there is no way you are done with the flu in two days. EVERYONE I know who has had it thought they were getting better the second day and then thought they were going to die the 3rd, 4th, and 5th day! Should we come and get Lucas tomorrow? Love, MOM


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