Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Story of How the Little Boy Got His Stroller

There once was a little boy who lived near a park. One summer afternoon when the little boy and his Mama walked to the park there was a little girl there with a little pink baby doll stroller. Oh how the boy's eyes lit up! Luckily this was a little girl who didn't mind sharing and so the little boy delighted in pushing the stroller all around the park.

Later that evening the little boy's Mama told the little boy's Dada what fun he had with the stroller and that she was planning to buy him one. The little boy's Dada reacted in a most suprising way. "No" he said, "my son is not going to have a stroller!" Shocked and surprised by this modern man's very un-modern view, the Mama tried to convey what delight the stroller brought to the little boy. Still, the Dada was not swayed.

And so the Mama quietly suggested to relatives that a stroller might be an excellent Christmas or birthday present for the little boy. Alas, no one took the hint and the little boy remained strollerless.

After Christmas the Mama tried to buy a purple doll stroller for the little boy (you see the only color options seem to be pink or purple) and the Dada once again said, "No. My son is not going to push around a stroller!" The Dada went so far as to take it right out of the cart!

A few months later, on an unseasonably warm winter day, the little boy and his Dada went to the park. Once again there was a little girl there with a little pink baby doll stroller. Only this little girl wasn't feeling as generous as the first little girl: she would not share with the little boy. The Dada witnessed first-hand the pure joy and then total dejection in the little boy's eyes.

Later that night the little boy's Dada told the little boy's Mama all about how happy the little boy was so see the stroller and how incredibly sad he was that he couldn't play with it. The Mama was not surprised and used all her personal will power to refrain from saying "I told you so."

Still later that night the little boy's Dada went to the computer and searched and searched for a non-pink non-purple baby doll stroller for the little boy.

Fifty dollars (mind you that is approximately $35 more than the in-store pink and purple strollers) a navy and apple green stroller was ordered!

One day later (50% of that money was spent on overnight shipping!) the stroller arrived. And the little boy's eye's lit with delight as he pushed his animals around the house.

And the Dada's eyes lit with delight as he watched his little boy play with his new stroller.

The End.


  1. That's a great story but you left something out. WHERE did your husband find this stroller BC I myself am searching high and low for one for my little boy!

  2. Hey thereddogruby! Great point! We got the Maclaren Toy Quest Doll Stroller in Apple Green (it is actually navy with an apple green seat). If you google that I think you'll find a few sellers!

  3. Hi-
    I think I found it, same one you mention but I'm not sure of the website. Its When I called the # on the bottom it disconnects. Can't be a good sign. but I'm so tempted for 16.99!

  4. Great post. I have been wanting to get my 2 1/2 year old boy a stroller for 18 months and I can never find a boy one. I just did a search tonight and came across this. :)

  5. Please post where you found the stroller. It would be a great help. Thanks!

  6. I found this blog post searching on google for the Maclaren Apple Green stroller for my boy too. We have no problem with him having the more commonly available hot pink one (we live in NYC where you see little boys tearing up the playground with their pink strollers and nobody bats an eye at that) but I thought the navy and green was so cute. Suggestion for others: we did find at Toys R Us a pale blue toy stroller for little boys, and it's held up pretty well but it's not as sturdy and durable as the Maclaren obviously. Still, you might want to take a look there.

  7. I ran across this site tonight as I was looking for a stroller for my 2 1/2 son. He always tries to leave our neighbors house with the little girl's doll stroller! I searched on ebay and I found Little Drivers strollers. I don't know anything about the seller but perhaps someone out there knows something about this product. They are little strollers for boys and there is a link to a youtube video of little boys using the strollers.

  8. i can't find this stroller anywhere. :(

  9. Can't find Little drivers strollers anywhere either--It looks like the company is for sale! Sad! :(


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