Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I've always loved Valentine's Day. When we were young my parents gave my brother, sister and me a little red heart-shaped tin. Every year they would fill our tins with Valentine's candy from the fancy candy shop in town. We used to make our own class valentines. Usually red cut-out hearts with a lollipop in the middle and these letters: U R A Q T N I N V U. Get it? I always thought that was so clever.

My freshman year in college our RA had an activity night of making alentines. That got me hooked and for years I hand made valentines for my friends and family. Every year since Abel and I started dating I have hand made a special valentine for him. We actually count Valentine's Day as our dating anniversary so it is a special occasion for both of us. This year marks 8 years since we've been together. What a long time!

Our first Valentine's Day was so special. We had been hanging out and had even kissed but I wasn't really sure he was that serious about me. He was completely broke back then and told me he wanted to make me dinner rather than go out.

I certainly didn't expect how special he would make that dinner. When I came home from work that evening (story for another day: we were living together when we met!) I found the first floor of our house completely transformed! He had covered all the boxes and bikes in the junk room with strings of white lights then draped everything with white sheets on which he perched all sorts of candles. He had created a little table for two in the middle of the room and had romantic music playing. He made an amazing four course meal and treated me like a queen, serving me each course and keeping my wine glass full! We even danced between courses. I'd never had such a romantic evening, nor had I ever felt so special.

A few days before Valentine's Day that year, I made him a Valentine. It was a card with a king of hearts playing card on the front. Inside I wrote "You are my King of Hearts". Oh, how I struggled with how to sign the card. Love? Would that freak him out? Yours? Was I his? I finally decided on a little heart before my name. And I was so nervous about actually giving it to him. Would he think it was corny? Would he freak out that I was too serious? I think I already knew I loved him and so decided to take the risk of giving it to him. He loved it.

I'm pretty sure he's kept each of these cards over the years--what a fun history of our love.

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe. I love you!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this story, my friend! Kudos to Abel for such a special first Valentine's Day! And I love the hand-made card idea too.


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