Monday, February 4, 2008

A jumble

My brain is just a jumble of thoughts. All weekend I tried to think of what to write, how to write, all that I am thinking about these days. I want to write a cheery update about how great our date afternoon was on Friday. And it was. But it was also a wake-up call about needing to devote more time and attention and love to the two of us, each other. I think we have been giving all our best energy and love to Lucas which of course is important but it is also important to remember that we have to devote a lot of that to ourselves, too.

I also want to write about my dear friends who need so many prayers right now. These two friends are going through two very different but very difficult situations. My mind has not wandered from either of them--rather it keeps wandering to them every few minutes. I can't remember a time when I've felt like I was in such constant prayer for others. That is about all I have to offer them, my thoughts and prayers. I feel like my prayers are everything and not even close to being enough. K. and J. please know I am here for you in any and every way possible--both now and in the weeks and months to come.

My brother is on my mind. He thought he had found The One. We all thought so, too. But she's not. And he's devestated. And I'm so mad at her. And sad for him.

And I'm entering into a new political venture--helping with the special election for our new county councilmember. It is so exciting. This work truly nourishes me and makes me feel so energized. I know I can use my skills and experience to help get a really good person elected. This person can make a real difference. Yet I struggle--am I taking too much time away from my family? Where is that balance? When I was just helping out with one race, the craziness was just going to last until the Primary on Nov. 12. Now, with this new race it will last another 45 days or so beyond that. Is that an okay sacrifice for my family because it does so much good for me and potentially for our community?

So much to think about. My mind is just full of jumping beans--one thought to the next nothing getting the full attention it deserves.

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