Monday, April 7, 2008


Lucas has been so wonderfully adorable lately. When he's not being incredibly stubborn and whiny and waking up at 4am, that is. But the latter is easier to take when there are multiple does of the former throughout the day.

How so, you ask? Well, let me give you a few examples...

Just awakened from a nap and jumping in his crib when I go in to get him, Lucas announces, "Go outside, Mama. Need coat, hat, shoes." Well, alrighty then.

"Meow" licks your face. "Meow" licks your pant legs. (My dear friend Katie got to experience the pant leg licking on her recent visit!)

Speaking of Katie, I think Lucas thought I was calling her "Lady" and so he began calling her "Old Lady". It really was quite funny. Though perhaps not for her. I tried to explain that the reference comes from Goodnight Moon in which there is "an old lady whispering hush". I'm not sure she bought it. But, clearly she made an impression on him. Her visit was two weekends ago and just a few nights ago when he woke up in the middle of the night he begged to "go sleep in old lady bed, Mama, other bed". You see, we've avoided the idea of him coming to bed with us, but occasionally either Abel or I will take him into the guest room bed and sleep with him. More accurately, try to sleep while he lays sideways and kicks our head all night.

But anyway, back to the adorableness...

"I so happy Mama."

I'm so happy, too, Lucas.

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  1. Tell that young whippersnapper, the old lady said "hi". He is too cute to hold a gruge against.

    -Old Lady Katie


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