Monday, April 28, 2008

Hint, hint

Our 5th wedding anniversary is this Saturday. FIVE years! Happy Anniversary to us!

Every year--every single year--I've made it clear to Abel that all I want for an anniversary gift is a bouquet of lilies of the valley or mini calla lilies. These were the two flowers which made up my bridal bouquet, which was, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful bridal bouquet ever.

Just to be clear, by "I've made it clear" I mean I've told my husband straight out, "All I ever want for our anniversary is calla lilies or lilies of the valley". I first mentioned this to him on our wedding day. As I admired my beautiful bouquet I told him, "This will make it easy for you on our anniversaries, just get me some lilies of the valley or calla lilies and I'll be thrilled."

So now four anniversaries have come and four anniversaries have gone and they've all been lovely. One year I received a beautiful ring, another year we went out to our favorite splurge restaurant, the next year more great jewelry.

Trust me, I've appreciated the jewelry, but really, my true desire is to receive lilies of the valley or calla lilies on our anniversary!

(Okay, I know some people would kill for a gift of jewelry and are calling me an ungrateful b. right now. Well, sorry, this is my anniversary and not yours and I'm just telling it like it is.)

It just so happens that our anniversary falls on Kentucky Derby weekend, which also happens to be the only weekend of the year that lilies of the valley are in season in our area. (Which is why I was lucky enough to get them in my bouquet; I would have never sprung for them out-of-season and flown in from who-knows-where.) So, it's not like I'm asking him to fly to the Netherlands to get them for me.

So, my darling hubby, I've done the work for you. You have several more days before the day. Simply click on one of these and order away...

Calla Lilies by Vera Wang for FTD or a Lily of the Valley bulb kit from Red Envelope (extra bonus here, we can plant the bulbs and thus practically guarantee I'll have lilies of the valley every spring!!)

For something a little longer lasting, might I suggest this Lily of the Valley print on Etsy or perhaps this one.

I'm sure there are many, many more options on-line or at one of the many local florists. So, babe, will you please, please take this oh-so-subtle hint?

Happy Anniversary! Love you!

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