Friday, April 11, 2008

All elbows

Right now is seems like Lucas's goal in life is to be asclosetomeaspossible at all times. If we are playing on the floor he doesn't just want to sit next to me, he wants to sit on me. Likewise for sitting on the couch. He is so tall and heavy (around 33 pounds!) and wants to be carried all the time. "Mama carry you" he begs at the top of the stairs, bottom of the stairs, walking out the door, on the way home from the park.

After a few hours of quality time with Lucas I feel like I've been tenderized.


He has got to be the sharpest kid ever. And, I'm not talking about brains (though obviously he's a genius!). I'm talking sharp elbows and feet and knees that wedge through you into your muscle and bones. He's even got a sharp little butt.

Speaking of butt, is that a taboo word? Should we be using "bottom". I mean I'm sure he's going to go through a "butt" stage anyway, you know butt head, etc. whichever term we use. But will other parents get annoyed and think our kid taught their kid the word "butt"?

What was I saying? Oh yeah, sharp kid.

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