Monday, April 28, 2008

Analysis needed

Okay, friends, I had the most bizarre dream last night.

So I was at the dentist--but the dentist was our priest and the office was actually a pick-up basketball court, with a game going on! And the dentist is pulling my teeth and basically telling me that my teeth are terrible. He gave me an epidural which didn't numb anything but was more of a very strong anti-anxiety drug. So I was totally chill and cool with everything that was happening.

My one concern--not that this dentist/priest was pulling my teeth, not that he was telling me I had bad oral hygiene (which is totally not true in real life; I am obsessed with my teeth and go to the dentist every 4 months!), not that I had a needle in my back and these huge guys were playing basketball right in front of me, almost hitting me multiple times. Rather, my concern was that I wouldn't be able to drive myself home and for some reason I couldn't think of anyone to call to come get me. Finally, I thought of my friends Megan and Katie (girls, we must get together soon!) and relaxed because I knew they'd come.

So amateur (or professional?!) dream analysts, what in the world does all this mean?

Here's my take on the most obvious themes:

Dentist-anxiety? Now, I do have a dentist appointment this Thursday. However, I am in fact looking forward to it (yes, I am strange!). I love a good teeth cleaning. So, dentist-anxiety is out.

Priest as dentist? What the heck could that mean? Is my soul in peril?

Lack of people to come pick me up? Am I worried I have no friends? No one to rely on? Well, if this is it, it just isn't true. I know there would be dozens of people who would come pick me up if I was unable to drive due to an epidural after getting several teeth pulled at a pick-up basketball game.

What do you think?


  1. I think that it's funny that your dentist gave you an epidural! Nightmares from childbearing maybe? Or perhaps looking forward to it again someday?!

  2. Kate and I were in your dream?! I love that you thought of us and knew we would come:) We definitely do need to get together -- I'm having fun staying updated on the life and times of the Olivos via your fab blog, but still not the same!


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