Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our little Nats fan

Abel and I have been proud Nationals season ticket holders since baseball came back to our Nation's Capitol in 2005. I actually have hated baseball all my life (all my life being since the time my Dad and uncle took me to an Orioles game pre-Camden Yards and I was so excited then had the most boring afternoon of my entire life and then also when I had to sit through my brother's endless Little League games. Is there anything more boring in the whole entire world than t-ball and Little League? Watching paint dry would come in a distant second. We'll be steering Lucas toward soccer.)

But, I digress.

In 2005 baseball came back to Washington, D.C. and we caught Nationals fever. One of our best friends--and a huge fanatic of all things sports-related--got a group together to purchase season tickets. We went in for about 10 games and had a great time.

After he moved to Arizona and we took over the account (shhh! don't tell!) we got another group of people together. The rest is history--this is our 4th season as Nationals fans and season ticket holders. Because of our seniority, we got sweet seats in the new Nationals Park--as sweet as we could possibly afford, that is!

We took Lucas to his first game in the summer of 2006 when he was about 6 months old. We got him all dressed up in a little Nats onesie, slathered him in sunscreen and took lots of pictures, but really, that game wasn't much fun for any of us.

We took him to the second baseball game of his life this afternoon and I'm excited to report that a fun time was had by all!

The game started at 4:30pm so we both left work a bit early and arrived a few innings into the game. Lucas loved watching all the people and loved the cheering and music.

Oh, and did I mention the playground?

Inside the Stadium they have an awesome play structure--tubes, climbing platforms and very cool slides. We made two trips there throughout our approximately 5 innings! Honestly, speaking as a mom, it was a little overwhelming. Speaking for Lucas, it was amazing!!

We can't wait for our next afternoon game to take him back!

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  1. How fun! Oliver would LOVE to join Lucas at the playground there. But maybe they can play at the NAVY game instead.

    By the way, very interesting cleaning green entry. Do you do all of that?


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