Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I am 31.

Here's how I'll be celebrating.

Morning -- I had a mani/pedi scheduled for this time-slot to finally use the gift certificate Abel got me to Elizabeth Arden for Christmas. BUT, after weeks of trying to get an appointment with the Rheumatology department, my Hematologist finally got me in. Wouldn't you know it? June 3 at 9am. So, I reluctantly cancelled my mani/pedi. As crappy as it seems like it would be to start your birthday with a medical specialist, I am actually looking forward to the appointment. Hopefully it will be my next step in figuring out what's going on and therefore the next step toward getting better!

Afternoon -- After my appointment I'll head out to Reston to meet my dear, dear friend Kristen for lunch at Il Fornaio. So, if you're stalking me just come on by and look for two cute girls laughing and chatting and enjoying a 2+ hour lunch! Kristen and I met when we worked together and during those years we ate lunch together 4-5 days a week, every week! Those were some of the best hours of my life and so I truly savor opportunities to see her for lunch these days. (Quick aside, I sincerely wish I was able to link her name to a blog above. She is a person who truly has design and style talents to share with the world and hopefully I'll be able to tell you about her new blog soon!! No pressure KAP :)

Evening -- I can't imagine anything better than having a nice dinner with my two favorite boys at home on our screened in porch. Followed, of course, by cake! First things first, I've already requested a round, two-layer yellow cake with (lots of!) chocolate icing to be made by Abel. A box mix is just fine with me! As for dinner, I'm not yet 100% decided. But, due to my steroid-induced-constant-cravings for protein I think I'll request steak on the grill with some grilled shrimp and a big salad with yummy, crusty bread. Delicious!

As for gifts, on Sunday (between coats of paint) Abel, Dad and I went to our local nursery to pick out some more plants for our front yard. A new hydrangea and a rose bush were my birthday gifts from Abel. Later that day (between coats of trim) Abel got them in the ground and they look terrific!

And from you, dear readers, I'll simply request a comment! So, de-lurk! De-lurk and wish me happy birthday! (I don't even mind if you remain anonymous!)

Sounds like a practically-perfect start to my 32nd year!!


  1. Happy Birthday Aimee! I would love to see some pics of that rose bush sometime.

  2. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Aimee!

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can't wait for lunch and maybe we can discuss that whole blog thing...

  4. Happy Birthday Aimee!! Have a wonderful day:)

  5. Have a wonderful day, you spring chicky you!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Belated birthday wishes and I hope you enjoyed your steak! I can't believe we've known each other before we both had kids! :)

  7. I am a horrible person! I forgot about your birthday...does being in the middle of Senior Week give me an out? We'll celebrate in person next week!


  8. I'm running late on reading these blogs.. happy birthday.. even though I DID call you.. and I still owe you about 5 years of birthday presents. :)


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