Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vile liquid

I'm currently half way through drinking the second of three bottles of the most horrible, horrible liquid ever. I have a CAT Scan this afternoon at 1:30pm (to make sure my lymph nodes are back down to normal) and I'm convinced that the mean receptionist (who always looks annoyed and pissed off) gave me the wrong stuff to drink. When I had my CAT Scan in the ER they mixed the dye with cranberry juice and it only filled up a large Styrofoam cup. Why am I now drinking three HUGE bottles of chalky white liquid? I'm convinced that this is actually the crap they give you before a colonoscopy (pun intended, people!). And, on top of that, last night I couldn't sleep thinking that maybe I shouldn't be having the CAT Scan today because I'm feeling a little sick and if my body is fighting a cold then my lymph nodes might be a a little enlarged and then they might show up on the scan and everyone will freak out for nothing. So now I'm sitting here thinking I'm literally choking down the wrong stuff for a scan that is all going to be for naught. UGH.

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  1. :(
    so sorry that things are crappy right now, mamalou! can't wait to see you on saturday!


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