Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Independent Play

I hate to even write this as I'm terrified I'm going to jinx things. But, here's the thing, Lucas has been such a doll lately. It's like he's all grown up.

Are the terrible twos over?

Take this morning for example. Our friends Kerry and Jack were coming over for a play date and then we were all going to meet another friend for a lunch picnic. As I was making sandwiches, doing the dishes and cleaning up a bit, Lucas played by himself for about 45 minutes. And, he didn't make a huge mess.

I'm not sure that any non-parents out there will truly understand the magnitude of this. But, I'll repeat: Played. By. Himself. For 45 Minutes.

As nice as it was to get some things done without a toddler underfoot, it was also a lot of fun to peek in and listen in to him playing. Lucas cleaned the floor. He cooked in his kitchen. He played trucks and the "dada" dump truck gave the "baby" dump truck a ride.

Apparently there was also some hitting. And, consequently, 2 minutes on the naughty step. Lucas had to use a stern voice to enforce that punishment But, it does sound like dump truck got the message as he didn't move off the step.

Hmmmm....wonder where he learned that?

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  1. There is nothing sweeter than a child playing happily on his or her own.

    I find that kids go in stages. I thought my 3 1/2 year-old had really turned the corner on the whole tantrums thing and now it's back with a vengeance but I know it will pass and my sweet little girl will return.


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