Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Political Dinner

I mentioned that we've been incredibly busy lately. Unlike our bedroom-remodeling-shower-planning-house-cleaning busyness of a few weeks ago, the last week has been filled with lots of fun, social events.

One of these was a dinner party on Sunday evening hosted by a former boss of mine with two other couples. The wives at the dinner party had all worked together under our hostess; and, during our years as colleagues, we enjoyed many political discussions. With this exciting election season, our hostess had been dying to get us all back together, along with our husbands, for great conversation and discussion. Sunday worked as a common date for each of us.

Let me tell you, the wonderful food and wine were only surpassed by the wonderful conversation!

The true testament to the evening was Abel's comment as we drove away. You see, often when we leave social events that are "mine" Abel comments, "you owe me one, Babe." And, often I do. When we left on Sunday evening, however, he said, "that was really fun! I had a great time."

In the true style of our hostess, we were all given an assignment to prepare for the evening. She e-mailed in advance, "Here's your assignment, aside from being ready to talk about November 4: please come with a story of your introduction to politics. What/who inspired you to get involved in the process? What was the first election you remember? This should be fun."

So, dear readers, I thought you'd enjoy my story....

It was 1984 and I was in second grade. My teacher, who will remain nameless here, told my classmates and me that Walter Mondale "killed babies and would make us go to school year-round". Well, that was certainly not someone we could support! So, several of the girls and I spent our recesses making up cheers for Ronald Regan. The thing was, I knew--even at age 7--that my grandmother was a Mondale supporter and that she'd be extremely disappointed to learn I was supporting Regan. Yet, I felt it was my duty to tell her and to explain my reasons. So, on our next visit to my grandparents' home, I worked up the courage and told her everything. Of course, she immediately told me my teacher was wrong! But, she also told me that I was free to support whichever candidate I wanted and that no matter who I supported she still loved me.

Let's just say that 2nd grade was probably the very last time I've ever supported a Republican!

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