Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Strongly Worded Letter

In my family we like to joke about the "strongly worded letters" I send off to companies who make me mad. Sure, airing my complaints make me feel better but really most of the time I would have been satisfied if someone had simply said, "I'm sorry".

Think about it.

When you're wronged isn't that really all your looking for?

I hope you'll check out my blog post over at DC Metro Moms.

Both Abel and I make an effort to sincerely apologize to Lucas when we mess up because I think it is important for him to learn to take responsibility for mistakes. In every situation where I've owned up to a mistake and apologized--with friends, family, Abel and at work--the outcome has been a positive one. Yes, it's hard, but I think it is worth it. Of all the values we're trying to instill in Lucas, I think personal responsibility is a really important one.

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