Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Port Discovery Museum, Baltimore

Sorry for the week without posts, dear readers. We have been busy, busy, busy!

Last Friday, Abel took the morning off and we took a quick half-day trip to Baltimore, MD, which is less than an hour drive for us. Earlier in the year we made a donation to Maryland Public Television because when Lucas does watch TV we always tune into MPT for great, commercial-free cartoons. Anyway, the premium happened to be four tickets to Port Discovery which expired on July 1. Our weekends have been packed lately so we decided we'd go on a weekday (with the added benefit of smaller crowds!).

We left town at 9:15am and had parked and were at the front door of the museum by 10:10am. As there are only three of us and we had four tickets, I had already decided to give the extra ticket away to the lucky family who entered right in front or behind us. It was so fun to give the ticket away and make some one's day!

After getting matching wristbands for the three of us (which they double-checked before we were allowed to leave with Lucas--love that safety check!) we were off and running. Literally. Lucas galloped from one station to the next all morning!

Our favorite exhibit was the Wonders of Water room. They offered raincoats and crocs of all sizes for the kids to put on--and there is a full body blow dryer to dry up any wet spots before you leave. And, trust me, you'll probably need all three! I think we all would have been happy to stay in this room all morning; as it was, we definitely spent the most time in there. It was very cool!

Two other favorites included the Farm and Royal Farms Fill 'er Up Station where Lucas could be just like Dada by checking the tire pressure and filling up the car with a "real" gas pump!

There were so many great exhibits. Some were too old for Lucas and maybe one was a little too young. We stayed for just over 3 hours and felt like we hit most of the good stuff. Had we packed lunch (I noted a lunchroom but am not sure if they sold any food) we could have stayed a bit longer. But, Lucas gets pretty crabby without an afternoon nap, so I'm not sure it would have been worth it for us.

Instead, we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant then walked down to the Inner Harbor to see the water and ships. We pulled out of the parking garage by 2:30pm and Lucas was fast asleep before we hit the street!

Tickets are only $11.75 per person which is a great deal in my book. If you live in the greater-DC-Baltimore-area, I highly recommend Port Discovery!

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