Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thoughts and prayers

Today my sister will kiss her husband good-bye as he boards a bus to board a plane to go to Iraq. For seven months. She thinks she's ready this time because it will be the second time she has done this. The second time she's said good-bye as he heads to Iraq. The second time she's been alone with her house and her dogs for seven months waiting for him to return. I'm so proud of her and of him and ask you to keep them both in your thoughts and prayers today and until he returns, safe and sound.


  1. Will definitely keep both in my thoughts! What a great post and your sister and her husband are amazing!

  2. G-d speed to your brother in law and I admire your sister's courage.

  3. thanks for the torrential downpour of tears, Aim! I was all "tough" girl and keeping myself together until I read this. I guess it just goes to show that I was only holding myself together by a thread. If someone had been here to hug me or something it would have been all over. anyway. thanks for the sweet blog.. and the good cry. I NEEDED it. love you.

  4. Aim,
    You are pretty strong yourself! I am proud of both of my daughters... Sarah for all you just wrote (and other things)... and you for pushing through all these medical setbacks.(and other things!!) I know the 10 hours in the emergency room on Aug 4, were exhausting (and frightening, too). Glad it is "only pneumonia". And what a great big sister to think to send roses to Sarah! It is nice to know that you guys will always take care of each other.
    love, mom


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