Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If it's not one thing...'s a root canal.

An emergency root canal.

This morning.

Oh, yeah, and the tooth right next to the one that needed the root canal? Yeah, that one. It probably needs to be extracted or have this fancy-type surgery.

Seriously, though. I heart my dentist. You see, growing up our dentist was a family friend. He was also quite awesome. I never knew that the thing they use to put in the Novocaine was a needle. Because it never hurt when he put it in. He was that good. And his hygienists (the best of whom is his wife) are also amazing.

So when I grew up and moved to the big city and had to find a dentist I was pretty shocked at the mediocre people parading as dentists. Also. My dental insurance. Sucked.

After I got married and therefore got on my husband's amazing health insurance I started going to the dental practice he goes to. And they are so so awesome.

Case in point: this morning.

I knew this was a problem tooth. The dentist knew it was a problem tooth. A time bomb really. So when it started hurting this weekend I wasn't surprised. Called Monday to make an appointment; I wasn't in too much pain so took the Thursday opening.

Then yesterday. Holy Hell. Pain.

Called this morning at 8:30am and they said come right over.

When I got there the dentist took an x-ray but didn't even look in my mouth (thank goodness, it was so sore!) she called the endodontist and explained the situation. The endondist said sure come on over.

The endodontist did these strange tests with hot, cold and biting on balsa wood (it's sterile! she assured me! whatever! I said, just make it stop hurting!). And then the root canal. And this other problem tooth we can deal with later.

I'll tell you what, though, I'm thoroughly enjoying this mild post-root canal pain. It is 100 times less than what I was feeling yesterday and this morning.


  1. Ugh, so sorry. I've had several root canals, so I know what you're going through.

  2. It is tough. Sounds like you are through the worst of it.


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