Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas cards!

Our Christmas cards arrived yesterday! After much gnashing of teeth, I am incredibly pleased with the result. Generally, my preference is to mail a very religious, non-photo greeting card and enclose a 4x6 photo of Lucas.

But, this year.

Well, time was at a minimum and stress was at a maximum. So, I looked through dozens upon dozens of recent photos and chose 4 to include on a photo greeting card from Shutterfly. I think the "theme" of the photos is the pure joy on Lucas's face and so my greeting is "Wishing you love and joy -- lots and lots of joy! Merry Christmas!"

Our 75 cards arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with the result. The photos printed really, really nicely; I love the retro background and our greeting. And, I think there is enough space at the bottom to write a short personal note (to do: purchase fine tip sharpie) which makes me happy.

I'm very much looking forward to spending the next few evenings addressing, signing, sealing and stamping our cards. If you're lucky enough to be on our list, look for yours soon!


  1. I want mine before I head to the East Coast so do mine first. :)

  2. Wow,

    My mom told me about this blog and I must say it has been great to read about all the wonderful things you have been up to. I hope I made the lucky list of those receiving those cute Christmas cards.

    Your Cousin Suzanne


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