Friday, December 5, 2008

Favorite Things Friday: Automoblox

For today's edition of Favorite Things Friday, I bring you Automoblox. Abel and I each decided that these would make an awesome birthday or Christmas present for Lucas without even talking about it. I first saw them on-line here. Abel saw them in a print catalog for this company and promptly ordered two--the green truck and red sports car.

And, I can report that they are amazing!

How can I report this, you ask? Well, because Lucas has already received them. I know that it is still 17 days until Lucas's birthday and 20 days until Christmas. But, cut us some slack, Lucas was so darn pathetic when he was sick recently that we just had to try to cheer him up somehow. We intended to just give him one car but when we saw how much fun he we all were having playing with it, we broke out another one.

We took them with us to my parents over Thanksgiving and everyone loved them--my 16 year old cousin was as impressed with them as my father!

Now, before I get too far, I do want to let you know upfront that they are kind of pricey. On Automoblox they range from $38-$40 each. (Currently there is free shipping on orders over $60!). Amazon has them as low as about $34 and they are eligible for free super saver shipping. Abel purchased ours from here for $35 each.

Despite the price, however, I am seriously considering buying 1-2 more for Lucas because I want to try out some new combinations they are just so cool! Here are some of the best features:

  • Amazing construction--I am confident that they will hold up to years of rough play

  • Cool design--these are more like works of art than toys

  • Challenging--literally every part of these cars comes apart and the models are interchangeable. I can see Lucas's little mind working hard to figure out new combinations. And, the adults had fun working on new combinations as well! I'd rate them as appropriate for ages 2.5 through 99!
So if you're looking for a great gift that is well-constructed, well-designed and promotes creative play, I highly recommend Automoblox.

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  1. thanks for the idea! I might get one for Lance for Christmas.


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