Sunday, December 28, 2008

Backtrack: Lucas's 3rd Birthday Party

Lucas turned three just three days before Christmas. (What a silly sentence! He'll turn 4 and 5 and 6...and 35... just three days before Christmas as well!) We celebrated at my parents' house then left the next day for Ohio. Of course we planned to have the family over, but I felt bad that Lucas wouldn't have any kids at his party. My sister's two best friends in our hometown have 3 and 4 year old nieces (their moms were my classmates in high school!) so we invited the aunts and nieces over. It worked out really well. Lucas especially hit it off with Layne, whose mom and I were friends at age 3, too!

Before the party, Abel spent about a million dollars at the Dollar Store on balloons (just kidding! only like $12! The Dollar Store is the best place to get Mylar balloons!)

Lucas loved them! Luckily we were inside so they didn't lift him up and float him away!

I wanted to do a little craft/activity with the kids and my mom had the idea of making marshmallow snowmen. I put together baggies with all the "ingredients" ahead of time and the aunts worked with their nieces/nephew to put them together. A few adults joined in, too.

To make these, you start with extra-long toothpicks. Push 3 marshmallows down onto the toothpicks, top with a gumdrop ring then a small gumdrop. Use mini chocolate chips and cinnamons for the eyes, nose and buttons. Then, add pretzel sticks for the arms! Easy, fun and you can eat your creation when you're finished!

For dinner, we had pizza with applesauce (for the kids) or a big green salad (for the adults). Continuing with the snowman theme, Sarah and I made cupcakes and my mom found these adorable toppers.

Birthday cake is one of Lucas's favorite things in the entire world!
After a lovely sugar high from eating some of the extra snowman ingredients and cupcakes, the kids had fun running around like crazy before their aunts took them home.

We sent the kids home with their own snowman cup, an extra baggie with the ingredients to make another snowman at home and a (very annoying!) light-up snowman wand my mom had found at the Dollar Store. Because we were leaving the next day, we tied each bag up with 2-3 balloons as well.

It was an absolutely lovely 3rd birthday party!


  1. How cute and creative! And it totally won't matter to Lucas when you posted this...looks like he had a blast.

  2. People have been noticing that you are really slacking with putting photos on kodak gallery, too!

  3. What a great idea for a party! I hope Lucas had a wonderful time celebrating and enjoyed his special day! BTW- Love the Mrs. O site! Thanks! :)


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