Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wrap up

What a week.

I went into work Monday then was home the rest of the week because Lucas caught a stomach bug from his one day back at daycare. At least three of the kids started puking between 6-8pm on Tuesday night. Isn't that bizarre? Anyway, it was rather strange around here, too, because he only puked at night or wee hours of the AM and seemed mostly fine all day (though extra snugly). So, it was kind of like a 3rd week of Christmas break but we stayed quarantined. I wasn't ready to go back to work anyway and he's now healthy for lots of weekend activities so all has ended well!

Lucas tends to get a little dictatorial when he's sick (probably because we do pretty much jump at his every whim when he's so pathetic) and he had the funniest line earlier in the week (the actual day eludes me). He was on his potty and wanted a puzzle which was about 2 feet away. He wanted me to get it but I told him he could wait until he was done. He looked at me, pointed at the puzzle and commanded, "Mom, do your job!". I guess I should add that to my resume: retrieves toys for those on the potty!

In other news, I finally joined the ranks of the tweeters on twitter. You can find me @smilingmama. I'm been avoiding joining but was convinced when Design Mom said, "Twitter is like status updates on crystal meth." I'm a bit obsessed with Facebook status updates now that I can do them from my new phone device. So, I joined the fray on twitter, too.

I received the nicest note from the folks over at pingg after my Favorite Things Friday post. They will be adding the pot-luck-type-menu as well as many more features in just a few months. Yay!

We've got a double-date planned with our good friends tonight over at a wonderful new DC restaurant: Founding Farmers. My mouth is watering from looking at the menu on-line. Not sure how I will choose!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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