Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer 'o Travel Part Deux

Alternately titled: In which I freak myself out and calm myself down in 400 words or less.

OMG. Seriously folks. I had just come to peace with the fact that we'll be waking up at ungodly hour o'clock to get to the airport when I decide to search through my e-mail to double triple quadruple check that I had all the times right in my head. Somehow in my freaking out about a 6am flight mania, I had neglected to pay adequate anxiety-inducing attention to the fact that we are at JFK for 4 hours. From 7:14 am until 11:15am. What in the world are two very tired parents going do to with a most likely so-tired-that-he's-overly-hyper-3yo for FOUR hours at an airport?

Let's break this down.

2 exhausted parents + 1 tired 3yo + 4 hours in an airport = TROUBLE.

Join in tomorrow* when I freak out about the fact that none of my clothes fit me. Or, as I quipped to Abel, "It will be easy to pack light when I have nothing that fits." "Perfect!" he enthusiastically replied. Hopefully my sister won't mind two pairs of capris paired with 4 different shirts. At least laundry is free!

*Okay. Just kidding. (Kidding about another complain-ey post tomorrow; not kidding about having no clothes that fit! I'm in that weird stage where my pants are too tight but I'm not big enough to sport maternity wear.) I will quit griping and focus on the fact that once our horrible travel day is over we will be able to relax by Sarah's pool while eating fish tacos. Hmmmm...fish tacos!

Okay, okay, I take this whole thing back. JetBlue claims that their JFK terminal is new and state of the art. Apparently it features, among other amenities, a "large children's area." Let's just say I'm holding them to their word here! They also offer free wi-fi so I will definitely be reporting in.

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  1. Good luck! The time will go faster than you think. I'm sure it will be OK!!! Also, I bet if you had more clothes and brought them on the trip...you would still only end up wearing the capris and tops. It's better to pack super light and go shopping with your sis when you are there!


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