Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Lipton Cold Brew Tea

When I was pregnant with Lucas I gave up all caffeine. I spent 9 months only drinking milk and water with an occasional glass of juice or Sprite. After he was weaned, I became a Diet Coke addict. I hate the taste of coffee so drank several cans or bottles of Diet Coke a day. I started cutting down on the good 'old DC before I got pregnant and have now almost completely cut out the Diet Coke from my life. But, I am willing to still allow myself some caffeine.

The Mayo Clinic website tells me that equal servings of Diet Coke and tea have the same amount of caffeine, but with tea I'm gaining antioxidant benefits and with Diet Coke I'm gaining scary fake sugars.

And, have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of hot beverages?

Enter Lipton Cold Brew iced tea. I love it so much I decided to feature it for this week's edition of Favorite Things Friday. I've been making this at home and bringing one serving of iced tea with me to work each day. If I'm home for lunch I have a glass with lunch. I had a very unfortunate incident with trying to make iced tea with boiling water in a glass pitcher a few years ago and so have been scared to make iced tea at home since. (Imagine a glass pitcher literally exploding in your kitchen sink. Who knew you shouldn't pour the boiling water directly into an old glass pitcher?)

But, this? This I can brew with cold tap water! So easy! Just open up the tea bags, fill up with cold water and let steep. And, by making my tea at home I control the sugar content. I find that 1/4 C of sugar for the whole 2 liter pitcher gives it a nice sweet-but-not-too-sweet taste.


As with all my Favorite Things Friday posts, this is something I purchased with my own money and love so much that I simply wanted to share it with you.

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