Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Do in San Diego

As our vacation approaches, I'm getting less stressed about our travel and my lack of clothes and more and more excited about the things I want do to in sunny San Diego. Here's a little list, in no particular order.

  • Float in the backyard pool in the early morning and at night after Lucas goes to bed.

  • Take Lucas to LEGOLAND.

  • Swim in the Pacific Ocean (on previous visits, we've only gone in up to our knees because it was so chilly; I'm hopeful that it will be warm enough to actually swim this time!).

  • Eat some fish tacos.

  • Eat some In-n-Out burger.

  • Play at the neighborhood playground--it is really awesome!

  • Of course, enjoy some quality time hanging out with my sister and her hubby.

  • Visit a Trader Joe's (silly, right? Some how TJ's seems even better and more authentic in California!)

  • Spend a day exploring Balboa Park (we haven't had time for this on previous visits).

  • Take Lucas to see some real helicopters and airplanes at Miramir.

  • Strap Lucas (and his car seat!) into Uncle Mike's fast car for a not-too-fast (hear me Uncle Mike?) drive.

  • Enjoy a night out either alone with Abel or with Sarah and Mike (if they can secure a babysitter!) in a swanky neighborhood like the Gaslamp Quarter.

What do you think, Sar, can we fit this all in?

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  1. Mmmm... fish tacos and Balboa Park - your post makes me want to go back to visit, but NOT run a race this time! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Don't forget a visit to Old Town for some authentic Mexican food! :) I can't wait!

    btw, are you bringing Lucas's turtle float with you? and don't forget his life jacket!

  3. Lucas is probably the perfect age for the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla.

    Have a great trip. We've taken Will to San Diego twice (both times when his dad was there on a business trip), and have had a great time both times.

  4. In n Out is always on our list when we go to visit my parents in Palo Alto. This summer we went twice!
    Enjoy those fish tacos too! Yum!


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