Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Kids' Music

This has been a summer full of travel for us and we're not done yet. We don't (yet) own a portable DVD player and so having several kids' CDs on hand that Lucas enjoys and don't drive Abel and me insane after multiple cries of "again!" has been critical for multiple 8+ hour car trips. For this week's addition of Favorite Things Friday, I thought I'd share a few of our favorites.

Snacktime by the Bare Naked Ladies

Play! by Milkshake

Pink! by Rocknoceras

Full disclosure: Snacktime was purchased by us; I was lucky enough to win the others in blog contests sponsored by Mummy's Product Reviews, A Parent in Silver Spring Reviews and Tech Savvy Mama. However, if we were to lose or scratch any of the three we won, I'd purchase them in a heartbeat!

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  1. OMG - I LOVE Snack Time! I listen to it even when the kids aren't in the car. And Milkshake too! I met the Milkshake woman at BlogHer DC last year.

  2. Snack Time is fabulous! Kiddo loves the son 7 8 9. We're also fans of Laurie Berkner and They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABScs.

  3. We also have B is for Bob and you know how much we love Rocknoceros! Just saw them again today at Wolf Trap and if you are free tomorrow, they are also performing at the Theater in the Woods. Great place for a kids' concert if you haven't already been!

  4. I'm glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.


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