Thursday, October 11, 2007

8 NOT 0

Dear Health Right,

Please advise your members, doctors and pharmacies to stop calling me. Yes, I realize that my cell phone number is one measly digit away from your phone number. Could you possibly start putting that "8" in bold or something? How is it possible that so many people misdial your number and call me instead? I have gotten an average of 5 calls per day every weekday for the last FOUR years.

Four years people. Five calls a day. Five days a week.


Why, you ask, don't I simply change my phone number? It is the only number I haven't changed approximately every year. And, I don't wanna'.

Yeah, and most of your members are rude. That's why I have simply stopped answering phone numbers I don't recognize. When I do answer and kindly tell people they misdialed guess what they do? They hang up on me. No "thanks". No "sorry". RUDE.

That's why my voicemail now says, "Hi this is Aimee, please leave me a message. If you are trying to reach Health Right you have dialed the wrong number." (By the way, thanks very much to my brother Eric for his message for Health Right. NO I will not call you back to give you the correct number!) Still, people call me several times in a row. Hello people, didn't you just hear my message? You dialed the WRONG NUMBER!

And yet, there have been some heartbreaking stories as well. Like the three voicemails I got from a doctor's office letting "Jerry" know that his surgery had to be rescheduled. Um, people, I'm not Jerry. Why did you leave a message for him on AIMEE's voicemail? For that one, I called the doctor's office to let them know that Jerry never got the message. Yeah, that was a fun conversation. They put me on hold for ten minutes then the nurse asked me for Jerry's last name. LIKE I KNOW JERRY'S LAST NAME. I hope Jerry eventually got the message. And I hope I got some good karma for that one.

Another time I had a Spanish speaking woman call me every morning for a week. I kept saying "No habla espanol" but she just got more and more upset. I'm sure she was told that someone at Health Right could speak Spanish. Eventually I got Abel to teach me to say that she had dialed the wrong number. I don't think she's called back.

Here are some other answers that may be helpful to your members, doctors and pharmacies:

1) No I can not authorize that perscription.

2) No I can not arrange a ride to your doctor's appointment.

Okay. I'm done. I think I got it all out. JUST PLEASE STOP CALLING.


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