Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whispers and Cuddles

As I have eluded to before, Lucas is a crazy man these days. One of his favorite new activities is to run as fast as he can from the living room through the kitchen and then stop himself by slamming into the kitchen side door. Then running back and doing it all over again. And again. And again. Every single time he laughs like crazy when he hits the door. The boy doesn't sit down except when watching Elmo and recently, when reading his new books.

We recently picked out two new books for Lucas--both have flaps. One is his choo-choo book (Thomas the Train) the other is just full of pictures of trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, etc. He loves these books and will snuggle with me for 10 or 15 minutes reading them over and over again, flipping the pages, opening the flaps, pointing out the smallest details. I didn't even notice that a kitty was peaking out of the barn that Thomas rides by--but Lucas did!

Last night we had an especially nice cuddly reading session.

It had been a crazy evening--it always is on the days that I have to work and pick him up from the babysitter. We get home and Lucas doesn't want to come inside. But, it is already about 6pm and I know he's hungry and tired. So I have to drag him inside and quickly throw something together for him to eat. It is always hard (but luckily doesn't happen too often because usually when I work Abel can pick Lucas up a little early and get started on all this).

Last night after he ate some dinner we cuddled on the couch and read the books. Then we just sat there and whispered to each other. It was so much fun. I really savored the moment--they are so rare these days. Don't get me wrong, I love my crazy boy and all his new abilities. I love to run with him. I love to push him high in the swing and stand behind him as he climbs the steps to the big kid slide at the park. But, I really miss my baby snuggles. It was nice to have those back for a few moments last night.

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