Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Thanks to this post by Mom 101, I officially freaked out about plastic. I'd heard the rumors. I'd casually looked at the bottom of my water bottle for the number inside the triangle. But, basically, I ignored it all. Most of our plastic was from reputable brands so it had to be okay, right? Then I read the post and HELLO?--how can the plastic Avent bottles we'd been using (and microwaving--apparently the worst thing you can do) be the BAD plastic. OMG. Mom 101 directed us to this post at Z Recommends and I immediately, without passing Go, ordered two SIGG water bottles.

When I got home, I promptly recycled all of Lucas's bottles. (Hey, he'd been taking only a morning bottle for like a year and we'd been wanting to move to 100% sippy cups anyway.) (Oh yeah, several sippy cups had to be recycled, too.)

The SIGG bottles arrived a few weeks later and Lucas and I, well, we both fell in love, immediately. Lucas got this one. It has a "woof woof" and "fwours" on it. How much better does life get? He literally would not put it down for the first hour he had it--I didn't even get a chance to actuall fill it with liquid! He just loved carrying it around. Later when I put water in it--whoa--life did get better!

As for me, I got the black circles one and feel so totally cool toting it around. Oh yeah, baby.

Not only do Lucas and I feel cool with our new SIGG bottles, we are both drinking more water. I swear, our tap water tastes better in our SIGG bottles. And I feel a lot better about the content of that water. Plus, we've already made up the cost of at least my bottle because we haven't needed to buy our usual case of bottled water so that I can have a full bottle with me at all times.
Thanks SIGG! You've made me and my water better people. Or, um, at least me.

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  1. I know I'm late on this...but good for you mama! Besides the fact that a full Sigg bottle weighs like a ton in my bag I absolutely love it. Plus I've saved a year's income on bottled water.

    Here's to keeping our families as safe as we can without going cuckoo over it.


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