Monday, October 22, 2007

Aimee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sunday was a doosey. At the last minute, Abel got a ticket to his Homecoming Football Game. That's a big deal when your team is ranked #1 in the country. So he hopped in the car Friday afternoon and got home Sunday night. My parents came to visit Saturday afternoon thru Sunday late morning. Thank goodness or Abel may have come home to me hiding under the covers.

So anyway, back to Sunday. I woke up a leak in our living room ceiling. Apparently the humidifier in Lucas's room had been slowly dripping for who knows how long making its way down through the ceiling. Lovely.

Then we all went to Mass. Mom never believed me when I told her how bad Lucas is in church these days. Now she does. It really isn't him being intentionally bad. It's just that those pews demand to be walked on. Those quiet times and amazing acoustics demand a toddler to test the strength of his voice. No nursery at this church. Nosiree.

After Mass my parents left. I put Lucas down for a nap (which of course he didn't actually take) and proceeded to cut my palm massively. Probably a cut that qualified for stitches. Only can you imagine taking a toddler to the emergency room? No thanks, I'll take the pain and the gushing blood and the eventual scar instead.

So that takes us to 1pm.

The rest of the day wasn't anything specific. Just an active toddler. Who alternately melts down and gives you the best hug in the world. Only a Mama whose left hand (btw I'm left-handed) was non-functioning making regular necessities like, oh say diaper changes, very challenging.

I think we both had cheese and ice cream for lunch. I think we both took a late afternoon nap (I know I did, he was at least not crying in his crib). I think I was never so happy to see Abel walk in the door at 5:30pm. I think I am in awe of single parents.

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