Thursday, October 25, 2007

My baby sis

I'm an oldest child. I think probably anybody who knows me would guess that pretty quickly! My little sister is five years younger than me and I find it really hard to think of her as an adult. A big part of me still feels like I need to take care of her, that she can't handle life on her own. And yet over the last several years, I've been proven wrong on that many, many times.

Sarah is married. Married to a Marine. Married to a Marine helicopter pilot who is currently in Iraq. Together she and her husband have moved across the country three times. Together they weathered a hurricane together in Florida. By herself she's managed a house and two dogs for six months alone. Sarah is a teacher. A middle school teacher. An awesome middle school teacher. And now, Sarah and her dogs and her home have survived major fires in Southern California.

I'm so totally impressed with her. I don't know if I could manage without my husband--knowing he's serving in Iraq no less--for 7 months. I don't know how I would have handled evacuating from my home and going several days with no idea if it would still be standing when I returned.

I know my sister can handle it, did handle it, is handling it. But, I still hope she needs me to be her big sister sometimes.

P.S. Check out Sarah and her friend Andrea on NPR this weekend:

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  1. Of course I still need my big sister!!!! thanks for the sweet blog. It had me all teary-eyed. :O)


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