Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just wanna' be somebody's baby

For the last few months, the best way to get Lucas to do anything was to refer to the thing or him as a "big boy". We called his cough medicine his "big boy medicine". His highchair was his "big boy highchair". He loved the "big boy slide" and "big boy swing" at the park.

Then a few nights ago I was having a particularly hard time getting him to take his "big boy medicine"--he kept running away from me. Eventually he pointed at his chest and said "baby". I thought, is he saying he wants to be a baby? So, I put on my best over-the-top baby-talk voice and said, "oh come here baby and take your baby medicine". What do you know, he crawled right over into my lap and drank it all down.

Over the last few days we've had a lot of fun playing Lucas baby, Mama baby and Dada baby. He loves to crawl up the stairs next to Dada with them both as babies.

I think Lucas is in an in-between stage right now. On one hand he is a big boy who runs and climbs and can drink from regular cups and feed himself. On the other hand, he still is a little baby who wants to be held and kissed. As somebody who was always in a hurry to grow up, I think I can understand his struggle between wanting to be a "big boy" and a "baby". And I certainly don't mind if he wants to stay a baby a little bit longer!

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