Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A hit and a miss

I've always assumed we'd potty train Lucas this summer when he's 2 1/2. But, over the last month or so he's been exhibiting many of the signs of being "ready". He knows when he has pooped. Sometimes he tells us in advance. He is very interested in the toilet and in us using it. So, a few weeks ago we decided we'd by a potty chair to let Lucas get used to it. Abel took on this errand and came home with three different choices!

For the first week or so, Lucas got a kick out of sitting on the little potty chairs in his clothes or with only a diaper. Then, two days ago, he asked to sit on the toilet! So, we pulled out the 3rd option Abel purchased which was a seat you put over the regular toilet seat to essentially make the hole smaller. We put Lucas up on it last night while getting him ready for bed. He loved it! Oh my goodness, he looked so funny sitting up there reading a book with his "snaked" legs dangling down.

After several minutes he even peed a little bit! I think it surprised all of us, especially him! Abel and I went crazy cheering for him and he was so proud of himself. He hopped down, we washed his hands and then he ran away. After flushing, I walked around the corner to find him in our bedroom, hiding in the corner at the head of MY side of the bed with a HUGE puddle at his feet.

And so it begins!


  1. Too funny! Have fun training him.

  2. this one had me laughing out loud! I really can't WAIT to see lucas and how much he has grown over christmas!!


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