Thursday, November 29, 2007

An introduction to Christmas

This will be Lucas's third Christmas. In many ways, though, it feels like it is really his first.

On his actual first Christmas, Lucas was only 3 days old! We came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful Christmas gift he was to us! On his second Christmas, Lucas was 1 year, 3 days old. We were at my in-laws that year and he loved the tree and decorations but of course didn't really understand any of it.

Over the past week we've introduced Lucas to Santa and baby Jesus. He is excited about both of them. Introduction to Santa came through watching The Polar Express. We watched it over the course of two days and Lucas just loved it. He was riveted. Introduction to baby Jesus came through an Advent gift from my parents (actually given a little early, though, at Thanksgiving) of the Little People Nativity. We talked about baby Jesus, His mama Mary and dada Joseph. We also gave baby Jesus kisses!

Last night after Lucas went to sleep, Abel and I put out all our decorations (except the tree which we will hopefully do this weekend). I love decorating. So many of my decorations have very sentimental meaning to me.

This morning when Lucas came downstairs he looked around and said "wow".

I am so excited about this season of Advent and the opportunity to share it with Lucas!

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