Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Christmas List

I only asked for two things for Christmas. One I know I am getting. The other, doubtful.

You see, I told my dad in August. Yes, you read that right, August. That Abel and I wanted a new digital camera for Christmas. It was almost as much a gift to him as it would be for us. He loves to research things.

And we gave him four months.

Four months to search on-line. Four months to grill everyone he knows about their camera. Four months to ask random strangers about their digital cameras. Four months to ask me questions like: what is more important to you, the size of the camera or the optical zoom. My answer every single time was: I trust you to get us the best digital camera with a reasonable price.

It drove my mom crazy.

But, I'm sure we'll be getting a GREAT digital camera under the tree.

The second thing I asked for is this. Only with my initials, of course. I adore Lisa Leonard's blog and her hand-stamped jewelry. I've wanted a piece for MONTHS but could never really justify buying one for myself. So, in early December I told both my sister (who has my name in our family exchange) and Abel that this is what I wanted.

I'm not confident that either one of them purchased it for me.

Sarah hates to buy people what they ask for. Yet, she always has the hardest time picking out gifts. Hmmmm.....

Abel, on the other hand, is a last-minute shopper and I would be SHOCKED if he placed the order in time for Christmas delivery.

Sar and Abel, no need to feel guilty as you read this if you didn't get me the necklace. I've already decided that I'm going to buy it for myself in January!


  1. hmm.. did we or didn't we?

  2. I asked for a digital camera for Christmas (actually my birthday which is also in December), but I didn't leave it up to chance. I asked my parents for the exact model that I wanted...and I got it! Here's to taking great pictures in 08!


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