Monday, December 10, 2007

Definition of True Love

In my freshman honors English class my professor told us that her definition of true love is "caring when someone is constipated". At the time I thought that was just gross. I definitely did not understand what she meant.

Until one day I did understand what she meant. Until I did care when someone was constipated and he cared when I was. Ah, I had found true love.

Now I've got a new definition.

True love is when someone* throws up all over you and you don't throw him down onto the floor, you hug him closer, cleaning him up before yourself.

True love.

But both those things are still pretty gross.

Disclaimer: I think this only applies to toddler age and younger. No way I'd do this for Abel.

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  1. this one had me laughing out loud. glad to hear that you wouldn't hug abel closer if he threw up all over you! :)


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