Monday, December 10, 2007

Spreading joy and germs

So from my last few posts you may have realized that we had a nasty stomach virus going around our house. Lucas got it on a Thursday night. But then was totally fine on Friday and Saturday. Abel and I were fine. So, I decided to proceed with my "Babes and Babies Brunch" on Saturday.

It was a wonderful affair. Many of my closest girlfriends came over with their babies and toddlers. Everyone brought supplies for a local Refugee Resettlement Program including lots of baby gear, towels, toiletries and other sundry items.

I made great food. We had champagne cocktails. We caught up. We laughed. Everyone was so generous! It was an all-around great time.

But apparently more than good cheer was shared that day.

Late Saturday night the nasty stomach virus struck me. And Abel. And apparently at least four more of the "babes" and one of the "babies" in attendance. And it spread to their spouses. And their friends.

Abel tells me to expect "depressed attendance" next year.

Sorry girls! Hope everyone is feeling better by now!

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