Thursday, December 13, 2007

Practically all done

So my last post mentioned that I am practically all done with my Christmas shopping.

Who remains on our list?

Anyone that Abel is responsible for.

I start making a list of gift ideas around Thanksgiving. I take charge of my parents, Lucas, whomever I've received in my family's gift exchange (this year that's my brother-in-law). On Abel's side of the family I can generally get away with taking charge of his mom, our sister-in-law and niece.

So that leaves whomever Abel has in my family's gift exchange (this year that's my brother), Abel's dad and his brother.

Every year the process of buying gifts for Abel's dad and brother has driven me CRAZY. Here's how those gifts usually go:

Smiling Mama: How about if we get your dad A and your brother B.
Abel: I'll think about it.

A few days later...
Smiling Mama: Oh, your dad would love C. Let's get him that.
Abel: He hasn't given me a list yet.

A week later:
SM: Oh, let's get your brother D--he'll love it!
A: I don't know what he wants.

A few days later:
SM: Let's get your dad E.
A: I'll ask mom what he wants.

A few days later:
SM: Did you find out what your dad wants?
A: I'll ask him.

A few hours later:
SM: Did you ask your brother what he wants?
A: He doesn't want anything.

A few days later:
SM: Okay, let's just get your Dad F and your brother G.
A: Let me think about it.

A few days later:
SM: Okay, seriously, we have to ship presents and I want them to get to Ohio before Christmas what are we getting your dad and brother?
A: I'll find out what they want.

A few days later:
A: Okay. Fine.

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  1. We have the same conversations about Matt's brother and dad. They are so hard to buy for, and Matt has no sense of urgency.
    Love your blog.


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