Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Famous!

Well, not really.

But, over the course of two days I found out that a very small part of me is featured in two political print publications.

Friday afternoon I found out that I am quoted THREE times in a new biography of Nancy Pelosi. Yes, my quotes total to just a dozen or so words.

But, still.

Me. In a book. In a book about the first woman Speaker of the House. Third in line to the Presidency. Woo hoo!

I think I have told you before that we share an alma mater. Earlier this summer the author came to campus to interview a few people and check the place out. Since I'm an alumna, was involved with planning her pre-inauguration Mass here, and love politics, my boss hooked me up as one of his interviews. I never thought I'd actually make it into the book.

But. I did!!!

Then, Saturday afternoon, I was at a local political meeting and discovered that I am in a new piece of campaign literature for a candidate I've been supporting. It is a photo of me from the side and back talking to Donna (who is of course front and center in the photo) and if you didn't know it was me you couldn't tell it was me.

But. It is me!

I've been volunteering for her for months--phone banking, canvassing, raising money, giving money, telling people about her, etc. so when they asked if Lucas and I could take some photos with her of course I jumped on it. I can't wait for more pieces to come out. I've already decided that a big picture of Lucas saying "Vote for Donna" is all they'd need to win the election in a landslide. Who can resist the cutest 2 year-old around?

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