Monday, August 18, 2008


As excited as I am about Denver. (That's very excited, in case you didn't know.) I'm also a little nervous. You see, I'm a planner. And this whole event doesn't seem to lend itself to much planning.

According to Abel (who is my only expert source as he attended the '04 Convention in Boston) we'll just go downtown every day and get to go to various events and will stay out at these events very late into the night. So what if we don't necessarily have tickets to any of these events. We'll get them! We'll see people! Those people will give us tickets!


Even if all that is true, I am still left without being able to make any actual plans. We won't know what we're doing until the day--or even hours or minutes--before. Most likely will leave the house (we're staying with a friend) in the morning and not be back until late at night. So, how in the world do I pack?

I've determined that my various outfits have to fit the following:

1) Be business-casual (apparently the dress code for most events)
2) Be conducive to walking potentially long and unknown distances
3) Be comfortable in projected temps of the mid-80s
4) Take me from morning through mid-day and into the night (where suddenly business casual just doesn't seem to fit the bill!)

What perfect outfit matches all that?

Part of me thinks I should just invest in 5 cute Obama t-shirts, pair them with black pants and cute (yet comfy!) shoes and make that my "uniform" for the week. After all, if an Obama t-shirt isn't perfect attire at the Democratic National Convention then what is?

But seriously, I went shopping this weekend and purchased a few items which I think will work well in Denver. One of which was a new bag. Of course, Abel felt this was totally unnecessary, but it was cute and on-sale. Now, however, I'm having second thoughts. So, let's take a little vote. Will this bag work for Denver? Or, should I return it?

Qualities of a good Denver bag include:

1) Cute enough to go from day to evening
2) Large enough to carry a bottle of water, my wallet, some make-up, papers/tickets, etc. and potentially snacks (who knows what we'll do for meals).
3) Not so expensive that I'll be upset if it gets damaged in this grand adventure.

So, does this fit the bill?

Please vote in the poll to your right!! The fate of this bag is in your hands!


  1. The purse is GREAT! Just curious though.. is it actually white? If so, it's still perfect.. I'm just wondering!! Have fun!! and I'm proud that you're actually going even though for possibly the first time ever in your life you will have to survive without your lists!! :)

  2. The bag is AWESOME! It reminds me of a Bulga bag I coveted that cost about $600. So cool!

    Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Super cute bag that meets all your criteria! I say go for it!


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