Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mama needs a nap, too

I work outside the home 20 hours a week. For me, that means I'm in the office two full days and one morning a week. My little secret is that after working my half day, I don't exactly rush to the babysitter's to pick up my son.

Instead, I rush home to take a little nap.

After all, a mama needs a nap, too, doesn't she?

Each of my days home with Lucas I put him down for a nap and tell myself, just accomplish these x things and then you'll have time for a quick nap, too. And every day, one of two things happens: either he doesn't sleep long enough for me to accomplish everything on my list. Or, he wakes up just as I'm completing my task list. My best-laid plans for a mama nap are foiled!

Now that he's a toddler, Lucas actually gets mad at me if I pick him up mid-day, before the other kids are picked up. He loves playing with his friends and his babysitter. So it isn't hard to justify not rushing to pick him up after my half workday.

I could, however, be using that time more productively. Say, cleaning the house, doing laundry or grocery shopping without a little guy underfoot.

But, come one, doesn't every mama deserve at least one nap a week?

Original post to DC Metro Moms. When Aimee isn't plotting her next 20 minute snooze, she blogs about life at Smiling Mama.


JGT said...
Love this post! Now I know what to schedule in for the fall -- my zzz time!

Jodifur said...
I have the exact same work schedule, and I go home and watch really bad tv I tivoed. Good for you for the nap!

Shannon said...
I used to do this on my half-day when I worked part-time, too. It was a Friday and I would watch my recorded Thursday night shows, then take a nap.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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