Thursday, August 7, 2008

Three weeks from now...

...I'll (hopefully!) be at INVESCO Field at Mile High listening to Senator Barack Obama accept the Democratic Nomination for President. I am SO excited!

You see, my husband and I, we're basically political junkies.

When he got a raise a few months ago we decided we'd put some of that money toward a vacation--just the two of us. While practically all our friends have jaunted off on cruises, or to Italy, or to all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, we went on a very low-key honeymoon to the Outer Banks and have centered all our vacations around extended family or weddings.

For a few days we dreamed of a vacation featuring crystal clear water and a swim up bar. Then we realized that what we each really wanted to do was go to Denver. No, not to ski. To attend the Democratic National Convention! (Told you: political junkies!)

Oh, but the hurdles were high. Neither of us are delegates (but trust me, I'm going to figure out how to make that happen four years from now!) and every hotel room in the city seemed to be booked by the DNC. Airfares were sky high.

But we quickly got into gear. My parents blocked their calendar to watch Lucas. Abel found a friend we could stay with. We figured out what day Southwest was opening up the flights for convention week and booked our flights at midnight that day. We've also both been working every connection (granted, Abel has a few more than I do) to get tickets to cool parties and events--more than 1,500 events are planned in Denver that week! The one ticket we have yet to secure is the most important--Obama's acceptance speech. But, we're working on it.

And now we're just three weeks away. So, I need to start focusing on the truly important question: What should I wear?!


  1. I honeymooned on the outer banks as well! Everything thought I was crazy but I hate to fly!

  2. dorks :)
    Have fun but don't be too crazy.. you still have a trip to San Diego to think about!


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